Nurses at all levels have likely been associated with a physician or doctor that was impeccable at their job. Unfortunately, they lacked a certain essence that allows their efforts to go above and beyond. As skilled and masterful they are with over 12 years in medicine, they may have lacked leadership.

Blending physician expertise with leadership executive is not easy. One is usually one or the other. It is also not a quality widely explored in other industries. But, an individual who is an exceptional leader and a master surgeon is incredibly valuable. It is these individuals that an eric dickerson academic medicine recruiter is seeking in the big wide world of medicine.

There are special leadership skills required for individuals in positions of power in the medicine community. The recruiting agency seeks experts as Chairman, Chief Medical Officer, Director, Associate Dean, Section Chief, and an assortment of other highly-revered positions in the medical community.

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These positions are challenging and thought-provoking, and a leader in the category has to have a fundamental knowledge in the specific expertise of medicine. But, they need to have that additional secret ingredient. They need to have the charismatic charm and appeal that makes business leaders successful in the public sector. It is a select group, which is why the recruiting agency that specializes in the area is so determined to only find the best of the best. Potential employees connected with the system outline all their details, including salary expectations, job aspirations, and region. The recruiters screen them in scrutinizing detail to confirm all their information is accurate. They can then connect these rare professionals to the right type of environment which will allow them to flourish.

The healthcare industry needs valued experts who can take care of the medicinal aspects of treatment and keep people healthy at the ground level. But, there is an entire culture around leadership, executive planning, and project spearheading that keeps academic healthcare recruitment extremely valued. Despite the medicine aspects of the healthcare industry, there is still a powerful and poignant need for leaders that can take on the industry with an educational and leadership focused initiative.

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